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Developing and maintaining a web site has become a huge ordeal for a lot of business owners dealing in the internet and online sales. The one reason we have come across and why we have gained such popularity is the developers themselves. There are a lot of competent web developers and developing companies out there, but there are even more "so called developers" who use WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) programs to "develop" the sites. These types of developers are often unqualified and end up going in over their heads at your companies expense. We get most of our customers because of the expertise and especially the timely manner in which we provide services. Some companies come to us after waiting over a year for the developers to finish. That doesn't happen with Socal domains, because we know your time costs business. We have well qualified developers that have been in the field since the beginning and we do all development by hand coding it, so that we can target all of the browsers being used by your customers. We will provide you with a hotline number that is on 24hrs. a day so that we can solve problems before it costs you customers. So give us a call at (805) 469-7723 and try us out--You have nothing to lose, Consultations are free!